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Die IAG Integrated Advisory Group International ist ein 1989 gegründeter internationaler Verbund von unabhängigen Kanzleien von Rechtsanwälten, Steuerberatern und Wirtschaftsprüfern. Unsere Kanzlei ist Gründungsmitglied.

In nahezu allen europäischen Staaten, in Nord-, Mittel- und Südamerika, im Nahen Osten und in der Asien-Pazifik-Region können wir für unsere Mandanten bei Rechtsfragen mit ausländischem Bezug den Kontakt zu qualifizierten Beratern herstellen.

Das sagen unsere internationalen Kollegen über IAG:

IAG is about relationships. One of the things I find most valuable about IAG is that over the years you develop strong personal relationships with individuals all over the world. – Ron Kravitz, USA

We have to be able to refer an IAG member to our greatest asset, one of our clients, and expect that client will receive the same level of service that they do from us and IAG gives us that. – Nick Burnett, UK

IAG is all about delivering quality. IAG is a reliable and efficient way of doing business together and delivering the clients top quality service. – Denis Simon, France

IAG is not merely a network directory but it’s a family of worldwide professional firms. – Arthur Bailey, UK

IAG is a very important source of professional advice. Over time the membership has developed not only to a professional network but also to a network of friends. – Birger Gunnard, Sweden