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Corporate Law

Corporate Law has been at the centre of our legal consultations since the law firm was founded.

In the complex field of corporate and company law, we develop tailor-made solutions for businessmen and businesses, executive boards, management and supervisory boards across all sectors, from issues relating to the choice of legal structure, company funding and restructuring, to corporate succession or liquidation.

Some examples of our work are:

  • consultation regarding legal structure of a business
  • consultation regarding and design of corporate start-ups
  • drafting partnership agreements
  • drafting management and executive board contracts
  • consultation regarding liability and responsibility of executive boards and managing directors
  • preparing and attending general and shareholders’ meetings, including listed companies
  • advice of foreign companies on establishing a daughter company or branch in Germany
  • consultation and representation in shareholder disputes
  • actions for annulment, redemption of shares and, if necessary, litigation
  • consultation and arrangement of corporate finances, including venture capital finances
  • company acquisitions and sales
  • due diligence
  • management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • consultation and drafting of contracts for the retirement of individual shareholders
  • restructuring and reorganisation of companies and consortiums
  • consultation regarding and design of corporate succession
  • financing consultation regarding company and business share purchases
  • Transformation Law
  • consultation regarding liability and responsibility for corporate performance
  • exercising shareholder rights
  • designing and supporting joint venture agreements


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