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Real Estate Law

In recent years, Real Estate Law has developed from a manageable legal field towards a complex area of law.

Individual builders are now increasingly being replaced by e.g.  property developers, building contractors, general contractors, etc., who use particular funding models to build commercial and residential properties. Real estate agents take over the sales of these to homeowners, individual and institutional investors or are engaged in housing agency.

The emphases of our consultation and support services in the law firm and the notary’s office are:

  • Construction and Development Law)
    We support and advise a number of regional and national building contractors in acquiring, funding, carrying out and marketing real estate projects.
  • Real Estate Financing
    We have particular expertise when it comes to funding structures for building contractors, property developers, general contractors and private real estate buyers.
  • Project Monitoring (clinics, hotels, business parks and theme parks)
    Some of our clients are major German clinic operators.
    We advise clients across Germany about acquiring and selling clinics, hotels, business parks and theme parks, as well as renting and funding them and concluding management contracts.
  • Commercial Tenancy Law
    We advise clients on the use of the commercial tenancy and leasing law.