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Employment Law

We support and advise our clients on all matters relating to employment law on a day-to-day basis, project-based or for isolated queries.

Therefore, knowledge of operational issues and economic aspects are just as important as extensive practical experience and competent legal knowledge.

We have a diverse client base. Our clients range from companies active both in Germany and internationally from all sectors to public companies, management, directors and executive boards.

We regularly engage in employment and labour civil court cases and advise on matters such as:

  • in carrying out personnel turnover/retrenchments (dismissal and termination agreements)
  • in drafting employment contracts (including temporary contracts), general undertakings by the employer, company agreements and company-based tariff agreements
  • due diligence of employment matters in mergers and acquisitions
  • in settlement of interests, redundancy and arbitration committee negotiations in case of operational changes (e.g. closures)
  • in works council issues
  • in the establishment and termination of consultancy agreements and agreements with freelance employees in order to avoid any instances of bogus self-employment and temporary worker contracts
  • in the design and verification of competition agreements and pension commitments
  • in the development of remuneration, staff bonus and working hours models, as well as initiatives for employee involvement (e.g. stock options, cafeteria systems)
  • in the redeployment of employees and the amendment of working conditions
  • in the drafting of service contracts, in particular on an executive and management level
  • in disputes regarding individual employment contracts and wage agreements


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